The International Bengal Cat Society presents an excellent brochure with information on the history and personality of this beautiful breed:

What are the prices?
Markings determine the price. Each Bengal is unique. Contact us for prices.

-What age can we pick up our Bengal baby?
We generally like to send them to their furever home at 12 weeks old. -

What is sent home with my kitten?
A small bag of kitten food, an assortment of kitten toys, cat bed, an item that your cat favors, a personalized picture book, and a pedigree.

What differentiates a Bengal from regular cats?
They are very playful and very smart! They are mischievous and very vocal. They love attention from their humans. They can’t find enough things to get into and they are very curious. A common thing with Bengals is that they love to play with, and in water. You will find they communicate a little bit better than normal cats.

Are they good with kids?
So far our experience is that Bengals will play well with kids.

Why are Bengals higher priced?
Breeders provide info, photos, videos, and support. We go through genetic testing, health screenings, and routine veterinary visits. The costs of maintaining outdoor enclosures to provide a proper environment to keep females and males happy, separated, and breeding at proper times is significant. This is all costs that the breeder pays up front to make sure you purchase the most healthy and highest quality Bengal cat.