King                                            Sylvester

King Sylvester is our newest Sire addition to our cattery.  He came to us from Glitter and Gold Bengals in January 2020 . His beautiful silver coat has accents of black and gray rosettes and paw print spots.  His round apple shaped head and large muscular structure has him as the largest Bengal we have.  He carries multiple color genes and we expect beautiful kittens from this "Stud Muffin!"

King                                          Brunneis

King Brunneis came to us from Trinity Bengals in late 2018. He is a very sweet but shy male! His rosettes are to die for. He sports a triple necklace that comes together at his chest. He is a very dark brown Bengal that also has charcoal in his lineage. We expect some great looking kittens from him in the future!

King Niveus


From the moment we laid eyes on him, we knew we couldn't go home without him. He joined our program 3 yrs ago from Aristocat Bengal. He is our Seal Spotted Lynx Snow Bengal breeding King! He sports nice rosettes and very bright blue eyes!

We searched long and hard for this guy! He has the best personality of all of our Bengals, he can't get enough attention! He always  produces some of the finest marked Bengals we’ve found.