Queen                                                                                       Sylvia

Queen Sylvia is our newest Dame to our cattery.  She was born April 2019 and  came to us from Glitter and Gold Bengals in 2020.  She is our first silver female with gorgeous markings  and amazing lime green eyes.  She is a little shy but once she gets in your lap she is a snuggle bug that loves to have her belly rubbed. It will be a few months before we breed her but we can't wait to see some babies from her.

Queen Bello

Mrs. Queen Bello is one of our very own.  She was born July 2019 from Auri and Brunneis.  She had such a beautiful coat and markings that we decided to keep her!  Her bright golden hazel eyes and her beautiful markings are what we expect in the future.  We will be breeding her to Nivy and Sylvester and can't wait to see their precious babies!

Queen Aurea


We also got Auri from Aristocat Bengal, six months after Nivy. She is an excellent mother who is Golden Brown with very wild green eyes. She has a very unique personality. Everything is done on her terms!

She carries for three colors. Brown, snow, and charcoal. It is rare for one to carry all 3 colors. She has beautiful rosettes, and the wild in her comes out in her personality. She has produced some of the best prints we’ve seen.